Monday, November 17, 2008

Seth Godin....and its all a little bit too much

I listened to the free audible version of the Seth Godin book tribes, and, you know, I liked it OK.

Parts I liked:

  • The idea of tribes, and my idea that interest groups are the new geography.
  • The inspirational part--the part where you lead, not manage, etc.
  • The part where people are looking for leaders--desperate for them. I think this is true.

But, the whole "on the Internet you can do anything/only the quality of your ideas matters/if you have no followers, its your ideas shtick got tiresome.

And its about half the book.

A few notes:

  • Plenty of great ideas go unnoticed on the Internet.
  • The blogosphere is being taken over by the mainstream media.
  • You "do anything" without the Internet as much as you can with the Internet.

So, I guess I admire Godin for a lot of original thinking and some interesting ideas. But, this whole pollyannish Internet stuff gets a little tiring.

Remember: Thinking big is fine. You can think too big, too. You need to think big, and then translate that into action today--not another day of dreaming of being an opinion leader on the Internet. (Kind of like those guys in Knocked Up).

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