Friday, October 17, 2008

Interesting Audiobook

I've been listening to Waiter Rant in the car. Its a book that evolved from a blog chronicling the life of a "cynical" waiter, working in a strange industry and dealing with the public, which inevitably means interfacing with some pretty unpleasant, unhappy, and maladjusted people. Not to mention raunchy co-workers.

Its funny and outrageous, and a great behind the scenes look at a restaurant. We eat in these places every single week, but we don't always understand what's really going on.

But it isn't without substance. It really isn't a book about restaurants. It is a book abut the nature of work.

Its has adjusted my attitude toward work. It has me thinking a lot about work, and I came in today with a kind of peace I haven't had in a while. Such as:

  • I am looking at people differently, remembering that they have their struggles too. And, people don't deserve to feel unappreciated. And even when they disappoint you, there's a way to deal with that and make them feel appreciated.
  • I have been known to curse the heavens because of the assholes I have to deal with sometimes. I'm not alone in that, am I? Every human enterprise is wrapped up in the complex and imperfect web of humanity, for its beauty and its terror. Its like getting mad because it rains. You're going to deal with people who are pissed at the world. Get over it.
  • It helps to laugh about it.
  • Waiter doesn't let assholes hit at his self-esteem. I need to do that to.
  • And you know what? Its not bad to take a minute to laugh about it, too. Maybe not right away, but before it gets seared into your mind and gets hard wired.
Oh yeah. Unless I am treated abominably, I will never tip less than 20%. More on really small bills.

The best thing you can say about a book is that it changes how you look at the world.

Is this another step up Mount Everest. It feels like it today. At the top of the mountain is some kind of peace that lets me live happily and deal with the burdens of the world only in their time, and feel free when it is time to feel free. I'm under the same amount of stress as yesterday...but feeling differently.

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