Tuesday, August 19, 2008


As we all try to "GET THINGS DONE" (and I am a big David Allen proponent), sometimes we miss the attitudinal things that create the environment (see, I did it again) for productivity and peace.

The Positivity Blog is one of my favorite....gives generally good, useful advice without devolving into a bunch of crazy new age shit that I can't stand. Here is an excellent post on acceptance....

As David Allen says, what you resist, you become.

Here's a quote from their article....

“The resistance to the unpleasant situation is the root of suffering.”

Ram Dass

and here is one of my personal favorites....

"The truly able, it appeared, had only so much time to squander on disillusion and self-analysis. Then those destructive vanities were turned round and put to the business of doing what had got to be done. The truly gifted, as opposed to the merely clever, were too busy running things to be bothered."

Gay Place
Billy Lee Brammer

I read the acceptance post over the weekend, looking down the barrel of a very difficult week with lots of pass/fail activities. And it did help, as I chose to accept my challenges. I was going to move forward either way--the question is, would I do it at peace or not?

Like most things, this lesson can be applied as broadly as you like. And, I suppose a person can be too accepting....were the great geniuses of the world people who accepted things as they were? The classic phrase is to accept what we can't change....without belaboring the point, I do believe if I would be healthier mentally if I accepted the things and "put to the business of dong what had got to be done."

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