Thursday, August 28, 2008

The virtues of exercise

I have read that exercise can be as good for mild depression as a drug. When I was reading an insomnia book, it said to get some exercise. My anxiety and phobia book? Exercise right on the top of the list.

I have certainly had less depression and anxiety in the past year than I did for the 4-5 years before that. Of course, I am combining an Rx with exercise.....

So last night I threw some laundry into the dryer at the laundromat, and went off for my nightly walk. While I would have much preferred watching a ball game, if you're going to be active, you can't sit on the couch. Those are two opposite things....

I was feeling badly when I started. Depressed, isolated from my son, lonely, like I'm on a treadmill. Worried about the future. Finances....what will happen?

So, I went on a 45 minute walk. As I moved along, I started to feel better. As the blood began to flow and the cells took in oxygen, I began to cheer up. Realized I can only live today. Do what's on today's agenda, get some rest. Be at peace. Things were not better before. Every step is a step forward--and when you're walking, that's literally and figuratively true.

So, if you're depressed or anxious, I do recommend some exercise. Even a walk on an unseasonably cool August night can help.

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