Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The New Me

One of the things I have been doing to keep myself amused/motivated is making posters like this...kind of motivational and inspirational, and designed to keep me focused. As I was moving, I realized I had some big challenges in my life, but if you grouped them together, they were in the four categories you see above.

Frugal: Money has never been an issue, but now it is. I need to be frugal, not cheap. Only buy what matters, save where I can, don't waste.

Clean: OK, to confess, I have been known to be a bit of a slob over my life. Now, there is no one standing between me and my slobdom. Regular cleaning, laundry, picking up, dishes, these are my chance to prove that I can maintain a home that is organized and a place my son feels comfortable.

Happy: Well, this is perhaps most important. I didn't put it first, because I liked the cadence this way. To be happy, I need to focus my time, whenever I can, on things that make me happy: baseball, football, reading, watching quality TV and movies, and doing creative things like this.

Healthy: My health is OK now. I passed a stress test this spring and other vitals are good. Still, so had Tim Russert. I'm overweight, and I'm on a diet (lost 4 pounds first week) to get down to a reasonable weight. Also, this includes a focus on preventative care at the doctor and dentist and a reminder to exercise regularly.

I have these four categories in my Remember the Milk tags....and I try to put everything in one of the four categories. Perhaps to a reader these seem rudimentary and almost like remedial life skills. But starting where I am today, these are the next steps.

(The photo is excellent, right? Its from Flickr, where the user says its OK to modify and use with attribution, non-commercially. I find this a great source of art for my creative projects. If I haven't attributed it correctly--its on the photo-- please let me know.)

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