Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Laughs are Important

My sense of humor is important to me....laughing helps to keep me happy, and its even more important now that I am facing new challenges.

With that in mind, and as someone who is eating alone about half the time, I found this Merlin Mann post really funny....

Five rejected names for a single-serving meal product

April 4th, 2008
  1. Quiet Evenings
  2. Me & the Kitties
  3. Lonesome Bites
  4. Monomunches
  5. Singles…for Life!
The scary thing is? I could see quiet evenings...and almost start the commercial for it.

And...I don't know if you will find this funny or not, but being in the business....OMG this made my side hurt. Damn funny, and true to life too.

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