Friday, August 15, 2008

Day 2 and the law of context

OK, so I'm a big Malcolm Gladwell fan. In the Tipping Point, he talked about the Law of Context. People react to their environment--once they cut down on farejumping in the New York Subway, the lawful environment led to fewer shootings and other serious crimes.

So, a confession. I have not, in my life, been especially clean. I am determined that my new apartment will be clean however, its one of my four goals.

So, to do that, I need to keep it pretty clean most of the time....messiness will create an environment in which it is easier to be even messier.

And, well, this half-assembled vaccuum cleaner in the middle of the living room probably isn't sending the right message....and the place could use a sweep, over by the dining "room" table.

Have to get on that.

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